Music On-Demand Apps (Tested With My LG G3)

Podcast Addict offers a reliable and quality service for searching, downloading and listening to your desired podcast. Trending search option lets you find popular music shows and gives you the advantage of creating playlist. It is one app for all your audio and video podcast, YouTube channels, radio, and live streaming shows.

So Download Podcast Addict and enjoy.

TuneIn Radio

TuneIn Radio has the unbeatable music quality and quantity. It has largest number of live radio stations and immense variety of music. Its amazing features let you listen, stream and record your favorite music shows just on the go.


You can download Free Version or you can Paid version paid version as per your requirements.

Demand 5

This best app covers and streams Channel Five on Android. You can watch and re-watch the music shows anytime you want.


Download Demand 5 here with a single click.


Rdio tends to be the first option when you need to search for some songs, tune in to live stations for music, and create your own playlist or collection. It also offers to sync your music content and you can listen to it when offline. It is not only user friendly but also a very fast streaming tool.


You can download it at $10 per month fees.


This is known to have the largest TV network and runs all popular, current and classic music shows. It has access to the greatest music shows of all the time with fast streaming and best picture and sound quality.


Download HBO Now nd subscribe for uninterrupted features at fixed monthly fees.

BeyondPod Podcast Manager

Play unlimited free audio and video with an easy access to music shows and episodes. You can import your music content, create playlist and play your music with the powerful built in player.


You can easily Download BeyondPod Podcast Manager and have these fun features right away.

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