Hello Fellow Kinja’ers! I wanted to do something for you, even if it’s little. I’m always listening to music, so I thought I could give out some of my experiences with certain music related apps. I do appreciate any feedback though if any, and I hope you get something out of it.

The apps I mentioned so far:

- Youzeek, Holo Music, Google Play Music, Music Maniac and Songza being the most popular among the player that supports downloading and other built in features like repeat, shuffle and equalizer.


- SoundCloud, Groove Shark and Deezer , being the fastest streaming tools , can play unlimited music content all for free. These cover artists, bands and albums too.

- TuneIn Radio, Slacker Radio and Rdio are the top ranked music apps. These support live music and and thousands of channels from all across the world.


- But sometimes only audio music does not ring the bell. VLC, HBO Now and You Tube are the ultimate solution when it comes to video music. These offer streaming, downloading and even let you create your own playlists.

Try the one that best meet your requirements and enjoy your favorite music in a total new way and they of course can be downloaded from Google Play Store anytime (I’m sure Apple’s app store also has these apps listed)!

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