The Fastest Music Streaming Apps For My LG G3

SoundCloud is known to have the largest music data base and takes the lead when it comes to random music. It covers bands and musicians and offers fastest streaming. It is not only easy and super-fast but also free.

You can download it from the play store for free and enjoy streaming best music.


Spotify leaves behind all music apps with its most ravishing features. It’s known to have largest songs collection, vast range of playlists, radio stations customization, fastest streaming and downloading, a powerful search tool, accessible lyrics and reliable quality.


To download it from Google play store click here for $10 per month.


Unlimited music content with largest track’s library and a vast range of radio stations is what Deezer brings for the music lovers. With fastest search engines you can find almost any music content you want just with a click.

You can enjoy both free and paid versions and can download it from Google play store anytime.

Slacker Radio

This is an ultimate choice in music streaming. It not only features unlimited songs but also valuable talk radio stations for those who demand both forms of entertaining content. You can use a number of playlists or create your own.


To Download Slacker Radio click the link.


Pandora offers free radio stations with really fast streaming. You can enjoy millions of songs with a simple and easy interface.


You can download it here and subscribe for $4.99 per month.


Rhapsody is an awesome music streamer which has no parallel in streaming speed. It has large songs database with high quality music.


This is a paid app and can be downloaded from play store here.

PC Radio

PC Radio truly provides music content on the global scale. It offers high quality sound and vast music genres. One of the prominent features that makes it popular, is that you can tune in to and stream music from any channel across the world.


You can download it with a single click from Google play store for all free.

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